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Our Mission

第一次当妈妈,不知道做月是怎样的,可是知道一定要做好。透过群组里妈妈们的介绍,转来转去找到了一个可以顾双胞胎的。 一心期待这28天的月子,结果是噩梦的开始! 很多东西,嘴巴说的有多好多好,可是来到这里都不一样。 我和家人都尽量忍下来,想说好好的把28天月子做好就好了,可是有些底线还是忍无可忍! 换好尿片什么的都没洗手,直接又动宝宝。 宝宝吐了,不是先打嗝还是什么,是抹椅子地上,用的是宝宝垫的手帕,然后那个手帕又接着用来抹宝宝的脸。让她拿个新的,拿新的一个手帕之后,抹她自己的手先,然后同一个手帕接着用来抹宝宝的脸那些。很不卫生 ! 帮宝宝抹完大便,没洗手,直接喂奶。昨天在医院,抹完大便,让她去洗手,不要去洗,说没关系,不肮脏,手没动到大便。。。
Bad confinement Nanny
I as a new mum had a really bad experience with this confinement nanny who claim to have more than 15 years of experience in taking care of baby. She is an irresponsible person. She does not have experience in bathing baby as well. On the preparation of confinement meals, she has no experience at all. My baby also had vomit and colic issues. We realised that she didn't not burp him when she fed him in the room without our surveillance. As this is a COVID period and not easy to get a new nanny. We had no choice but to allow her to finish the 28 days contract. We regret that we didn't take action immediately, and was later told by our maid about what she has did to my son during the 28 days. She always chatted loudly on her phone in the room with the door closed. She didn't even care if the baby was crying. She was busy on her WhatsApp even in the kitchen. Then she kept complaining that she was busy and has no time to finish her work. She never hand washed my baby's clothes. My baby's shirts were all spoilt due to high heat machine washing. We found out more things after her departure through our CCTV, which mad my husband and I very sad because we treated her very well. We decided to take action by posting this to ensure no more victim of her in Singapore/Malaysia region.
Scammer Alert
Ada sesiapa area ni pernah kena tak dengan this lady? Kami sedang kumpul bukti untuk buat report polis. Ada kes dia minta deposit (sebelum lahir) tapi tak datang bila hari dijanjikan. Ada juga mummy kata dia datang berapa hari je kemudian tak datang dah bila bayaran tambahan dah dibuat. Alasan anak sakit, emergency anak semput, mak warded, kereta rosak etc. Bila minta refund buat ayat seposen dah tergunalah duitnya untuk beli ubat anak or beli susu anak sbb PKP tk banyak minta masa untuk bayar, last sampai tak bayar langsung dan masih cari orang lain untuk DITIPU! Banyak orang dah kena sekarang dah lebih 12 org moms kena since December 2020 dah banyak mangsa cuma orang tak tahu nak ambil tindakan mcm mana..amount yang ditipu bukan sikit-sikit, ribu-ribu juga. Harap berhati-hati dengan this lady.

It started in 2021 when we first noticed mothers complaining about their confinement experience on Facebook. Out of curiosity, we decided to search and to our surprise, we discovered a lot more going on. We found several related social media posts, forum discussions and blog articles all complaining about confinement Nannies engaged through freelance and Agencies. The complaints were either about under-qualification, misconduct, scams, or unprofessionalism.
There are lots of complaints scattered all over the Internet but most expectant mothers do not easily come across them. Although the complaints also included Nannies engaged through Agencies, Mummies mostly hear discouraging stories about freelance Nannies since the freelance confinement industry lacks an established body to represent its members. This is quite unfortunate because the freelance confinement industry holds a high calibre of reputable Nannies who have received professional training from confinement institutions in their early years and have also gained vast experience as freelancers working with Mummies and babies in different countries. Moreover, we also discovered that some confinement Agencies were only able to promise replacements not because they had a standby substitute for every Nanny who was hired, but because they also employed the services of freelance Nannies.
Complaint Radar


Our goal is to ensure that every Mummy enjoys a good confinement experience by realizing a safer, professional and more reliable confinement community. We achieve this with MummyNanny by:
1. Making it easier for every Mummy to find a confinement Nanny that best meets their requirements;
2. Eliminating the risks involved in making down payments and preventing Mummies from falling prey to scams in the confinement industry; and
3. Evaluating, ranking, and providing recommendations about confinement Nannies based on Mummy experiences.
Unlike the conventional approaches, we connect Mummies with Nannies by creating a direct line of communication between them. This is because we believe that no one will care about the Mummy's interests more than the Mummy herself. Allowing communication between both parties will prevent scammers from posing as confinement Nannies or representatives of Agencies. Connecting Mummies with Nannies will also discourage under-qualified individuals from getting hired as confinement Nannies.


MummyNanny addresses the problems plaguing the confinement industry through a combination of technology and community effort.

Advanced Search

With the Advanced Search feature, Mummies can find Nannies who are available during their Expected Date of Delivery and also filter out those who do not meet their requirements.

Job Portfolios

Mummies can then view the profiles of the selected Nannies, which contains various information about them, including their job portfolios and contact information. Each portfolio contains a sincere first-hand evaluation by the Mummy who hired the Nanny for the job. Portfolios also contain several images as proof of the Nanny's services during the job. With the help of portfolios, Mummies can make informed hiring decisions and proceed to contact the Nanny directly.

Money-back Guarantee

MummyNanny also provides a Secure Payment System through which registered Nannies can receive their down payment. With this system, Mummies no longer have to worry about losing their down payment as they are issued an official receipt and provided with a money-back guarantee.

Nanny Evaluation System

After the job, the Mummy plays an important role by evaluating the Nanny's performance, ranking her skills and providing recommendations for her services. This Nanny Evaluation System is key to discouraging misconduct and motivating professionalism.
Find out how Mummies and Nannies are benefiting from MummyNanny.
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