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The Complaint Radar allows you to find Mummy complaints that already exist on the Internet. Being able to access these complaints in one place helps with understanding how to provide better services to Mummies. Based on lessons learned from the Complaint Radar, here are the top 5 complaints Mummies make about their confinement Nannies and how you can avoid them in your next job.

Complaint 5: Disregard for Privacy

It is important to keep in mind that some people take their privacy very seriously and try to erase their digital footprints to make it as hard as possible for their actions and movements to be tracked. So their efforts are shattered when someone shares their personal information with the general public.
  • Share only photos that have been approved by the people involved.
  • As for baby photos, share only those that have been approved by the Mummy. In some cases, the Mummy might prefer you mask the baby’s face, so present it as an option.
  • Do not share photos of the Mummy’s home without her approval.
  • Do not invite your friends over or reveal the house address without the Mummy’s approval.

Complaint 4: Unexpected Conditions

Informing Mummies about your terms and conditions after they commit to hiring you makes them feel cornered. According to the complaints, most of the Mummies who proceeded with the Nanny after this experience only did so because they were unable to get a refund.
  • Do not assume that the Mummy knows how things are done in the confinement industry.
  • Clearly state your job scope and present it to the Mummy before she makes any commitment. You can easily create your job scope here.
  • Let the Mummy know about any additional expenses she needs to make on your behalf. For example, applying for a visa, insurance, and transportation.

Complaint 3: Wasting Resources

Some Mummies who complained about this were upset by a significant increase in their utility bills after the Nanny’s arrival, while others were concerned about inconsiderate spending.
  • Try as much as possible to conserve electricity, water and gas. Always keep electrical appliances switched off after use. Only use the air-conditioning when necessary or use the fan instead.
  • Try to minimise expenses. You have to act as a member of the family while on the job, so always consider their budget before spending.
  • Do not take advantage of your position to exploit the Mummy and her family. Avoid making selfish demands. Don’t forget that you are a professional and your well-being is your responsibility, so use your money if you need something that does not concern the job.

Complaint 2: Poor Hygiene

Most of the Mummies mentioned poor hygiene in their complaints. After all, hygiene is one of the key aspects of the job so it is not surprising to find that most of the Mummies were concerned about it. The complaints about poor hygiene can be classified into 4 categories:
1. Environmental Hygiene
  • Always keep the kitchen clean after using it.
  • Ensure that the baby’s surrounding is clean at all times. For example, do not leave diapers or tissues lying around after cleaning the baby.
  • Keep the environment clean at all times. For example, try to sweep the floor regularly if your hairs usually fall.

2. Hygiene with Utensils
  • Ensure that the baby’s feeding bottles are always clean.
  • Wash whatever utensil you use. For example, knives, plates, and spoons.

3. Personal Hygiene
  • Ensure that you are clean and decent while taking care of the baby.
  • Take care of your hair and dress properly — have a set of uniforms if possible.
  • Dress appropriately while cooking — you could use an apron.
  • Take a bath after activities that make you sweat.
  • Always keep your nails short, clean and polish-free.
  • Avoid drinking or smoking while on the job.

4. Hygiene with the Baby
  • Never kiss the baby.
  • Do not allow the baby to put their mouth on your face.

Complaint 1: Unprofessionalism

Always be mindful of your attitude and how you present yourself while on the job because unprofessionalism happens to be the most common issue Mummies complain about.
  • Remember that you are there to work and not to have fun, so avoid activities that make the Mummy’s house seem like a holiday escape. For example, always watching TV or sleeping longer than you should.
  • Minimise your time on the phone as much as possible. Always being on your phone could make the Mummy feel like you do not have much regard for the job or have more important things to do.
  • Remember that the Mummy is your employer during the confinement, so treat her as you would any other employer irrespective of your age difference. For example, talk to her as your employer, refrain from enforcing your beliefs on her, and always seek her agreement before you proceed with any plan, idea or procedure.
  • Do not insist that things should be done your way. Say what you think and let the Mummy decide whether or not she wants it that way. If the Mummy prefers something to be done her way, then you have to provide it as requested. Always bear in mind that you are an employee who is being paid for a service. In this case, there is no one particular way to provide the service. The service you provide cannot be the same for every Mummy. Different Mummies will want things to be done differently, so you need to be flexible. Therefore, do not say something like “this is how I do things”, because then you will only be satisfying yourself and not the Mummy. It is not professional to go to someone’s house and dictate how things should be done.


Congratulations for making it this far. You just learned the most common complaints Mummies make about their confinement Nannies. Keeping these points in mind should be a step towards a more successful career as a confinement Nanny. You can also improve your career by creating a professional profile on MummyNanny so that more Mummies will be able to find you. If you are already a member, ensure that your profile is always up-to-date with your latest accomplishments. Together we can create a better confinement community.