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Postpartum confinement information

To have the best postpartum confinement experience, the more you know the better.
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This article guides Mummies and Confinement Nannies on obtaining a Work Permit and arriving in Singapore. The guide also covers Medical Insurance and payment of the Foreign Worker Levy. 1. Apply for your Nanny's Work Permit 4 weeks before your EDD, and you will receive an In-principle Approval Letter (IPA) within a week. Apply on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website here. 2. Send the Employee's Copy of the IPA to your Nanny once you receive it from MOM. Here is a sample of the Employee's Copy of the IPA for your reference: 3. Ensure the IPA you received from the Mummy is valid. You can check the validity here. 4. It is advisable to buy Medical Insurance of at least S$15,000 to cover your Nanny during her employment with you. You can contact Ms. Xin or any other health insurance agent. 5. Inform your Nanny once you give birth. 6. Apply for your SG Arrival Card through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) before arriving in Singapore. You can apply through ICA's website or the Android and iOS apps. Apply online: Website Android app: Download iOS App: Download
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Most new mothers (Mummies) find themselves to be extremely weak and tired during the first few weeks after delivery. “It was as if 80% of my life force was drained”, says Janice, a Mummy who talked to MummyNanny about this topic. “All I wanted to do was sleep”. As a Mummy, more uninterrupted sleep and good nutrition equal faster recovery and milk production. However, that will hardly be the case if you have to wake up every 1–2 hours to attend to a crying baby, prepare 3 sets of nutritional meals to stay alive and do house chores to keep the living space from falling apart. That is why every Mummy deserves Postpartum Confinement — the 28-day period where they can lay back and let someone else handle any interruption to their recovery. Unfortunately, the financial costs involved in hiring such a person (a Confinement Nanny) can strain those on a tight budget. “Never stay alone in the house with the baby”, Janice warns. “If possible, get help with even taking your bath. Mummies can easily lose their balance in the bath and that is not something you want to experience”. The need for an experienced pair of hands goes way beyond taking care of the baby and cooking. There is postpartum massage, information about the dos and don’ts, guidance on caring for the baby in preparation for life after Confinement, as well as mental and physical support — the kind that can be offered only by a previous Mummy. According to Janice, “Staying indoors for a month without regular company can easily lead to depression”. You can get a Confinement Nanny by recommendation from family members, friends, colleagues or online forums. Another way to get a Confinement Nanny is through social media groups or Agencies. Last but not least is the Confinement Nanny Listing, a platform for Confinement Nannies to showcase their job portfolios and contact information so that Mummies can easily find them in one place.
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The Complaint Radar allows you to find Mummy complaints that already exist on the Internet. Being able to access these complaints in one place helps with understanding how to provide better services to Mummies. Based on lessons learned from the Complaint Radar, here are the top 5 complaints Mummies make about their confinement Nannies and how you can avoid them in your next job. It is important to keep in mind that some people take their privacy very seriously and try to erase their digital footprints to make it as hard as possible for their actions and movements to be tracked. So their efforts are shattered when someone shares their personal information with the general public. Informing Mummies about your terms and conditions after they commit to hiring you makes them feel cornered. According to the complaints, most of the Mummies who proceeded with the Nanny after this experience only did so because they were unable to get a refund. Some Mummies who complained about this were upset by a significant increase in their utility bills after the Nanny’s arrival, while others were concerned about inconsiderate spending. Most of the Mummies mentioned poor hygiene in their complaints. After all, hygiene is one of the key aspects of the job so it is not surprising to find that most of the Mummies were concerned about it. The complaints about poor hygiene can be classified into 4 categories: Always be mindful of your attitude and how you present yourself while on the job because unprofessionalism happens to be the most common issue Mummies complain about. Congratulations for making it this far. You just learned the most common complaints Mummies make about their confinement Nannies. Keeping these points in mind should be a step towards a more successful career as a confinement Nanny. You can also improve your career by creating a professional profile on MummyNanny so that more Mummies will be able to find you. If you are already a member, ensure that your profile is alwa...
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Some Mummies mention that they dare not confront the Nanny while she is on the job for fear of how the baby could be treated afterwards. Others recounted how they suffered helplessness, high blood pressure, and depression and could only count down to the day the Nanny would leave their home. The best they can do at the moment is to make complaints on personal blogs, forums, and social media only after the Nanny leaves their home. Unfortunately, these complaints are unable to prevent new Mummies from having the same experience. The complaints go undiscovered on the Internet mainly due to a lack of visibility and accessibility. MummyNanny addresses this issue with the Complaint Radar. It allows you to find Mummy complaints that already exist on the Internet in one place and also allows you to submit newly discovered ones. Based on lessons learned from these complaints, here are the 7 most common reasons why Mummies have bad experiences with confinement Nannies, whether engaged through freelance or Agencies. One of the recipes for confinement problems is when you simply settle for a Nanny who was suggested by a friend or another Nanny. Just selecting only one Nanny from a list provided by an Agency is no different, whether or not your choice was based on previous recommendations. Based on previous complaints, another factor that often leads to misunderstanding between a Mummy and her confinement Nanny is the lack of house rules. Without a clear set of house rules, the Nanny may not be aware of her boundaries in your house. Most Nannies have their own rules and job scope. Some of them draw a fine line between the duties of a maid and those of a confinement Nanny. The professional thing for them to do is to inform you about these rules before you make any commitment. However, some may fail to do so while others may leave out some points they think you should already know. Unfortunately, some Mummies only learn about certain important aspects of the Nanny’s job scope d...
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Based on our interviews with Mummies after their confinement, almost 60% of them wish they had done a proper interview before making a down payment. To prevent these problems from happening to new Mummies over and over again, we did extensive research and came up with this guide. Malaysian Nannies require a visa to work in Singapore. Refer to The Step-by-step Guide on how to apply for a Work Permit for your Confinement Nanny in Singapore. Determine the Nannies you wish to interview. If you made a job post on Facebook, a lot of Nannies available during your Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) usually respond, so it will be difficult to conduct a proper interview with each of them. This is when you filter out all those who do not meet your key criteria. Key criteria include: Simply being available during your EDD is not enough. You want to be sure that the Nanny you choose has enough free days before the start date of your job. This is to avoid cases of no-show or the job being transferred to an unknown Nanny if your delivery is earlier than expected. You need to be comfortable with the Nanny’s salary for the number of days you want to secure her services. The freelance community is packed with experienced confinement Nannies so there is usually enough of them who will meet your budget. Do you have specific meal preferences such as vegan meals; halal meals; traditional Malay, Chinese, or Indian confinement dishes; or western dishes? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider only Nannies who know how to prepare your type of meals. Communication is key to successful confinement. You should only hire a Nanny who can communicate fluently in the language(s) of your choice. Some Nannies require a separate room for themselves and the baby to sleep, while others are fine with sleeping in the same room as the Mummy. Therefore, you can only hire a Nanny who you have enough room to accommodate.
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Every once in a while, Mummies make complaints about various problems they had with their confinement Nannies. This includes experiences with freelance Nannies as well as those from confinement agencies. Several posts recounting their experiences suggest that a lot of things could go wrong before or during the confinement. Some of the most frequently reported issues include: Sadly, some Mummies even commented that having a smooth confinement period without experiencing these issues depends on luck. The complaints indicate that there is not much guarantee even with Nannies from confinement agencies. Some also mentioned that Nannies can sometimes turn out to be different from how they sounded on the phone during the interview. To avoid such experiences, it is necessary to do some research to ensure that the Nanny you wish to hire has not been previously blacklisted. If you are engaging a confinement agency, you can start by consulting them about the Nanny’s personality and performance in previous jobs. Otherwise, proceed to scour the Internet for complaints on blogs and forums, as well as posts on social media groups and individual accounts. One way Nannies get blacklisted is when the confinement agency they were associated with adds their names to a list of terminated Nannies. This list is usually used to assure Mummies that the available Nannies are of high-quality and necessary actions will be taken in case of any problems. Another way Nannies get blacklisted is when Mummies share their personal experiences and dissatisfaction on online forums, personal blogs, social media groups, and on their accounts. The posts typically include a description of the events that took place and personal details about the Nanny, such as names, passport number, phone number, and place or country of residence. Some of these posts also alert others about individuals carrying out fraudulent activities under the guise of a confinement agency or freelance Nanny. In such cases, the post...
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Hiring a freelance confinement Nanny can prove to be stressful, especially if you are a first-time Mummy who has never had the experience. You will most likely find freelance confinement Nannies through recommendations from family and friends or social-media groups and forums. Freelance confinement Nannies are often fully booked months in advance, so the chances of finding an available one get slimmer as your expected date of delivery approaches. Therefore, you cannot afford to be too picky as you set out to acquire a shortlist of available Nannies. After creating a shortlist, you try to obtain as much information as possible about the Nannies who respond to your inquiries and also ask them a few questions to access their knowledge on confinement care. This is when Nannies try to promote themselves with the best recommendations they have received from their previous jobs. You don’t come across any bad recommendation at this stage, and hardly find hints that would suggest incompetence in a Nanny’s service. Unfortunately, whether these simple steps are enough to identify a Nanny that will meet your expectations can only be known during your confinement. You brush off any doubts and move on to the next step, which involves making a down payment to secure the Nanny’s services for your expected date of delivery. All is left to faith from this point onward. In most cases, you will be sending money to the bank account of someone you hardly know, and you might not even receive any authentic proof that you have hired the Nanny. The worst part might be that there is no guarantee the Nanny will show up as promised and in reality, the appointment is still open to changes in the future. As you can see, this freelance system where Nannies operate independently without a set of generally accepted standards or affiliation to any agency leaves a lot of room for potential problems. Reasons for this include the lack of proper benchmarks, regular evaluations, quality assurance, and...
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Finally, the platform we’ve all been waiting for is here! We bring you MummyNanny, a platform that connects Mummies with the most suitable freelance Nannies for a better home confinement experience. As a Mummy, you can now find all your stay-home confinement Nannies in one place and contact them without any hassle. We provide you with advanced search features to find Nannies based on the languages they speak, where they reside in, their estimated daily salary and their skills. We also provide you a money-back guarantee to put your mind at ease when looking to hire a freelance confinement Nanny. Our money-back guarantee ensures that any down-payment (excluding the service fee) that was made through the MummyNanny payment system will be refunded in case the Nanny is unable to start the job. We know that it is very important for you to get a Nanny that best meets your confinement needs and specific requirements. Nannies you find online can tell you all about their job experience when you contact them. You can also get to know about Nannies and their abilities through relatives, friends and colleagues. However, you will not be able to verify these claims or decide whether the Nanny meets your personal requirements without seeing a tangible proof of their work. That is why our goal is help you to make better hiring decisions by showing you the Portfolios of each Nanny’s previous jobs, which will include samples of their work as well as comments and recommendations by registered Mummies who have already experienced their services. A Nanny's Portfolios are a collection of well organised records that demonstrate the competencies of the Nanny. Each of the Nanny's Portfolio contains first-hand reviews, recommendations and photos uploaded by the Mummy who employed the Nanny for that job. Portfolio entries are grouped in different categories that are relevant to assess a Nanny's knowledge and skills for providing the required confinement services and experience....